Startup UploadVR: ‘I had to clean up underwear’- ‘kinky rooms’ – Free flowing booze; Can startup ‘bro culture’ be reformed?(Matt 24-iniquity abounds)…Shocking moment floor collapses under homecoming partygoers…Professor pens op-ed in support of segregation for children(Matt 24-many offended)…Mobster attack on journalist outrages Italy…How a Rohingya massacre unfolded at Tula Toli…Robotic Suit Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk Tall(Dan 12-knowledge will increase)…Real-life flying ‘Iron Man’ sets new world record & more

FAKE NEWS-“There is no immorality in politics”: All we care about is making money..

There’s a whole industry dedicated to producing fake US news in Macedonia — and it’s gearing up for 2020..


Divided we code:  UploadVR has left the virtual reality community divided

Startup UploadVR: ‘I had to clean up underwear’- ‘kink room’s’ – Free flowing booze; Can startup ‘bro culture’ be reformed?

Months after a sexual harassment lawsuit plagued virtual reality startup UploadVR, there are lingering questions about the company’s leadership.

What happened at UploadVR has left the virtual reality community divided. The founders told CNN Tech they’ve made changes, brought in new executives and established an HR structure. But women who used to work at the startup say the company hasn’t gone far enough in creating a positive environment for women….



Professor pens op-ed in support of segregation for children

Just when I think Trump Derangement Syndrome cannot get any stronger, the New York Times publishes an opinion piece in support of segregation among children. That’s right. The 1960s are back and it isn’t any prettier than it was back then.

See Also: California sheriffs still fighting new sanctuary state law

The author of the piece is Ekow N. Yankah. Mr. Yankah is a law professor, which, for me, is the most disturbing part of the whole piece. An educated black man, he holds degrees from the University of Michigan, Columbia University and Oxford University. Yankah is raising young sons with the belief that any potential white friend is not truly worthy of friendship. His justification for such racist logic is that it’s Trump’s America and President Trump is to blame for racial discord in today’s society….


Mobster attack on journalist outrages Italy


Italy arrest for ‘mafia’ headbutt on tv



Accounts of rape, burning children and murder

How a Rohingya massacre unfolded at Tula Toli

Discarded and left for dead, Mumtaz says she found herself on top of a mound of charred, entangled bodies.

“They killed and killed and piled the bodies up high. It was like cut bamboo,” says Mumtaz, a Rohingya woman from the village of Tula Toli in western Myanmar.

“In the pile there was someone’s neck, someone’s head, someone’s leg. I was able to come out, I don’t know how.”
The horrors Mumtaz says she endured didn’t stop there. After escaping the mass grave, Mumtaz says she was dragged to a village house and raped by soldiers. The wooden house was then locked and set on fire.
It was her seven-year-old daughter Razia, who was in the hut, that ultimately saved her….

Documenting a massacre

Shafiur Rahman, a Bangladeshi-British documentary maker, first heard about what occurred at Tula Toli after he filmed a group of Rohingya crossing the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh on September 2, three days after the killings.
The dramatic footage shows dozens of men and women clambering across barbed wire fences into no man’s land, some of them covered in blood and carrying dead or injured relatives. Their distress is palpable.
“It quickly became clear to me that those telling me the most horrific accounts of their last few days were those coming from Tula Toli,” Rahman tells CNN. “And what also struck me was the consistency in their stories.”….



Robotic Suit Helps Kids With Cerebral Palsy Walk Tall


Scientists replace skin of ‘butterfly child’ with rare genetic disease

For the first time, doctors were able to treat a child who had a life-threatening rare genetic skin disease through a transplant of skin grown using genetically modified stem cells.

The grafts replaced 80% of the boy’s skin.


Nationalist protesters disrupt Poland independence day events

Tens of thousands of nationalist protesters disrupted Poland’s independence day events Saturday, waving flags and burning flares as they marched down the streets of Warsaw.

Demonstrators carried banners that read “White Europe, Europe must be white,” and “Pray for an Islamic Holocaust.”
Some wore masks and waved red and white Polish flags, chanting “Death to enemies of the homeland,” and “Catholic Poland, not secular.”….


Shocking moment jumping homecoming partygoers cause floor to COLLAPSE at Texas university student apartments and have to climb up fallen debris and wood panels to get out the chaos




Real-life ‘Iron Man’ sets new world record



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present


Update: Destructive 7.3 earthquake hits Iran, Iraq border-340 killed, nearly 4,000 injured(CNN)-Live updates



When we SEE All these things..

Matthew 24 – earthquakes in diverse place..


  • 13 November 2017

    08:55 GMT

    Iran now says that 328 have died in the earthquake, local news agencies and state TV report, citing the National Disaster Management Organization.

  • 06:52 GMT

    New data provided by Tasnim now indicates that at least 211 people have been killed and over 2,500 injured in the earthquake in Iran, according to officials from Kermanshah province.

  • 05:24 GMT

    The death toll from the quake in Iran has risen to 164, with over 1,600 injured, Tasnim News Agency reports, citing Behnam Saeedi, a spokesman from the Iranian Disaster Management Organization.

  • 04:29 GMT

    People in quake-affected areas must refrain from entering damaged buildings, Iranian authorities have warned….


Tesco responds to racist backlash after shoppers vow to boycott retailer over Muslim family in Christmas advert(Matt 24-many are offended)…Uber partners with NASA ahead of flying taxi initiative…Doctor who refuses to use computers loses medical license…A Year Ago, Facebook Said It Was ‘Crazy’ That Fake News Could’ve Influenced The Election-So, about that…The cynical conspiracy to stop us using cash & more

Former Facebook president Sean Parker: ‘God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains’..

Facebook has been attacked by one of its founding members for “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology” and putting children’s mental health at risk.

Sean Parker, the former president of Facebook who joined Mark Zuckerberg’s company in its first months, said the company’s founders intentionally built the site to consume as much human attention as possible.

Parker, who has made billions as an early shareholder in the social network, also criticised Facebook’s effect on children. “It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other,” he told newsite Axios. “It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”…


UCLA team returns from China without arrested players

The UCLA basketball team returned to Los Angeles from China on Saturday without three players who were arrested on shoplifting charges during the overseas trip.

Freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley remained in Hangzhou, China, while the rest of the team returned home….


The three players were questioned by police about allegedly stealing from a Louis Vuitton store next to the team’s hotel in Hangzhou, which the Bruins visited before traveling to Shanghai….

The source told ESPN there is surveillance footage of the players shoplifting from three stores inside a high-end retail center.

The players are suspected of stealing designer sunglasses, the Los Angeles Times reported….


Uber partners with NASA ahead of flying taxi initiative

Uber continues to aim for the sky.

The tech company has partnered with NASA to help it develop air traffic management systems for its flying taxi initiatives, chief product officer Jeff Holden said on Wednesday. Holden made the announcement at Web Summit, a technology conference in Lisbon.

 In April, Uber unveiled its plans to introduce flying taxi fleets, known as uberAIR.

The four-person ridesharing flights won’t become a reality anytime soon but Holden said there are plans for demos coming to Los Angeles in 2020. Uber previously announced cities Dallas, Texas and Dubai as other partner cities.

UberAIR nasa uber flying taxis tech

The tech firm has agreements to work with other aviation companies, but this is the first time it has formally partnered with a federal U.S. agency….


Tesco responds to racist backlash after shoppers vow to boycott retailer over Muslim family in Christmas advert

The advert received a shocking level of abuse online

The festive short film follows a string of families celebrating Christmas Day as they prepare dinner, pull crackers and feast on leftovers.

One scene shows a Muslim family greeting each other with gifts as they arrive at someone’s house.

The clip sparked a racist backlash with some deeming the clip “very wrong” while others vowed to boycott the supermarket.

One user tweeted: “I wonder will they have a white family celebrating a Muslim holiday…. political correctness is ruining this country. Tesco have lost my £.”….


Bomb explodes outside busy city centre bar

A BOMB has exploded outside a bar in Italy.

Emergency services rushed to the incident in Naples.

The explosion occurred at around 3am in via Enrico Pessina in the ground floor of the Le Shabby Cafe.

The doors were completely ruined in the blast.

A car was also damaged.

Bomb-Italy COLLAPSE: The bar completely crumbled after the blast….


Doctor who refuses to use computers loses medical license

Holding manila folders filled with pages of her handwritten reports, Dr. Anna Konopka insisted her system for keeping track of her patients’ medical conditions and various prescriptions works fine.

But the New Hampshire Board of Medicine disagrees. It is challenging the 84-year-old New London physician’s record keeping, prescribing practices and medical decision making.

Part of their concern is her remedial computer skills, which prevent her from accessing and using the state’s mandatory electronic drug monitoring program. The program, which the state signed onto in 2014, requires prescribers of opioids to register in an effort reduce overdoses.

Konopka surrendered her license last month and went to court Friday in an effort to regain it.

Konopka doesn’t have a computer in her office and doesn’t know how to use one. Two file cabinets in a tiny waiting room inside a 160-year-old clapboard house hold most of her patient records. The only sign of technology in the waiting room is a landline telephone on her desk.

“The problem now is that I am not doing certain things on computer,” said Konopka, who emigrated from Poland in 1961 and has decorated her office with family photos and symbols from her homeland. “I have to learn that. It is time consuming. I have no time.”….


A Year Ago, Facebook Said It Was ‘Crazy’ That Fake News Could’ve Influenced The Election

So, about that …

One year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood before an audience at a Ritz-Carlton hotel in California and dismissed the idea that misinformation spread on Facebook could have influenced the outcome of the exhausting, divisive election the U.S. had just experienced.

“Personally, I think the idea that fake news on Facebook ― of which it’s a small amount of content ― influenced the election in any way is a pretty crazy idea,” Zuckerberg said at the time.

What a difference a year makes.

Zuckerberg has since said he regretted his earlier statement, explaining in a Facebook post in September, “This is too important an issue to be dismissive.”

And we’ve learned that the misinformation in question was more than just misguided white lies: It was actively planted on Facebook (and on Twitter, Google, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit ― hell, even on Pokémon Go) by Russia-linked actors looking to sow division….


4 in 10 Americans Say Gender Is Not Determined at Birth: Survey

A new survey shows that 44 percent of Americans say a person’s gender is not determined at birth and that a person can be a man or a woman regardless of the “sex they were assigned at birth.”

Pew Research Center conducted a survey in August and September and, based on 4,573 responses, found that Americans are deeply divided when it comes to transgender issues. A majority of Republicans and those who lean Republican (80 percent) say whether someone is a man or a woman is “determined by sex at birth.” Only 34 percent of Democrats and those who lean Democrat agree.

Millennials are least likely, among other generations, to agree with the statement that one’s gender is determined by sex at birth, with less than half (49 percent) saying so….


9 Christians Shot to Death Execution-Style in Ambush

Nine Christians were shot dead by suspected Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria’s central Plateau State on Tuesday night, Nov. 7, 2017, as they returned from a weekly village market.

Four more were injured during the incident in the Riyom Local Government Area (LGA), which happened at around 7:30 p.m.. Seven were killed instantly, two died later in hospital.

The victims’ names were:

Daniel Shom
Dachollom Shom
Emmanuel Gyang
Daniel Niri
Felix Gwom
Reuben Danbwang
Sunday Danbwang
Dagam Danbwang
Bitrus ‎Chunwang.

Some of them were part of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), others the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).

According to a villager, Maria Joseph, who witnessed the attack, the victims were returning from the Makera market in a Volkswagen Golf when they were ambushed and shot at the Diyan junction near Gako village….


The cynical conspiracy to stop us using cash: ROSS CLARK says the push for a cashless society is all about greed


Until 2014 if you drove over the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex, you’d toss some coins into a basket when you reached the toll booth.

Now the booths are gone and motorists must pay online in advance of their journey, or by midnight the following day.

Try to park your car on a London street or in an increasing number of car parks nationwide, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pay and display machine.

Until 2014 if you drove over the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex, you’d toss some coins into a basket when you reached the toll booth.

Until 2014 if you drove over the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex, you’d toss some coins into a basket when you reached the toll booth.

The only way to pay is via your mobile phone to call a central number or by an app such as RingGo or JustPark.

Some shops, such as the healthy eating chain Tossed, are even starting to refuse cash — they’re only interested in customers who pay by card.

Waitrose is also piloting cashless payments, while in many pubs, bars and restaurants you are immediately offered a card reader along with the bill, and staff seem mightily put out if they have to use the till….


All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present


Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered “Extremist”…Should Children Form Emotional Bonds With Robots?(Dan 12-Knowledge will increase)…The dying west coast of the U.S!(1/3 oceans die)… Russian Researchers Learn to Control Nanoparticles in Human Body…‘Ebola-like’ outbreak DECLARED amid Black Death comeback – and this virus is UNTREATABLE & more

When AI rules, one rogue programmer could end the human race..

The idea of small groups of humans having control over some of the most powerful weapons ever to be built is scary, but it’s the reality we live in. In the not-so-distant future, that incredible power and responsibility could be handed over to AI and robotic systems, which are already in active development. In a pair of open letters to the prime ministers of bother Australia and Canada, hundreds of AI researchers and scientispleading for that not to happen.

The fear, they say, is that removing the human element from life and death decisions could usher in a destructive age that ultimately spells the end of mankind. The AI weapons systems are, as the researchers put it, “weapons of mass destruction” which must be banned outright before they can do any serious damage….

When AI rules, one rogue programmer could end the human race


Transgender Substitute Brags About Confusing Indiana 2nd Graders

Buell laughed about the eight year olds being confused about his deep voice and why he was dressed as a girl, but told the audience that he thinks those are great opportunities to teach kids to accept people for who they are – a fine lesson unless that involves disrupting the normal reality testing and cognitive development of children by teaching them it’s rational and safe to deny biological science….

To demonstrate why this is a concern, perhaps a comparison would be helpful. Imagine if a local youth minister from South Bend was employed there as a substitute teacher. Later, when speaking at a Christian youth conference he boasted how he furthered his ministry in the school, acknowledging that when second grade children asked him about his cross necklace he presented them with the Gospel message of Jesus.

If concerned parents wrote to Dr. Spell about the obvious proselytizing of their children, would the administration dismiss their fears by explaining that the teacher was speaking at a conference in his capacity as a minister, not an employee of the school? Or would the two men rush to the press to assure that the matter was being dealt with, and that all substitute teachers would be expected to adhere to school-appropriate curriculum?

You know the answer, as do I. So why the difference in this case?….


Teaching Children About Sin Now Considered “Extremist”

A Church of England primary school has found itself thrust into an unexpected controversy over an essential doctrine of the Chrisitian faith.  what would seem like a perfectly normal religious instruction to children has a group of parents complaining such teaching is “extremist”.
Bowing to pressure, Dan Turvey, the headmaster of St. John’s School in Tunbridge Wells, has broken off the 16-year working relationship with CrossTeach, an educational charity group.
What is the “potentially damaging ideology” that the children were exposed to? A group of 25 parents have signed their names to a letter complaining that the children were being taught about our sinful nature and, that because of sin, if they didn’t believe in God, “they would not go to a good place when they died.”
The students were said to have been “upset and disturbed emotionally” by this lesson, and as a result, CrossTeach won’t be invited to conduct any more assemblies or Bible lessons….


Should Children Form Emotional Bonds With Robots?

For better and worse, toys powered by AI are becoming an intimate part of kids’ lives.

The robot was the last present my son opened for his fourth birthday. He and I giddily pulled it out of the box and he waited patiently as the toy charged, staring at it. Cozmo is rectangular and about four inches long, with treads like a miniature tank’s; a tiny lifting arm for picking up and playing with the “power cube” blocks that are bundled with the product; and a small, low-resolution screen for a face. In an MIT Media Lab study conducted on smart devices and toys, a pair of kid participants deemed Cozmo “a bob-cat with eyes,” an apt, if dadaist, description.

Stefania Druga and Randi Williams, the researchers behind the study, want to know how children perceive smart robots, and, eventually, to study how those bots affect kids’ cognitive development. So far, they’ve discovered that little children (ages 3 and 4) aren’t sure whether the robots are smarter than they are, but that slightly older children (ages 6 to 10) believe the robots to have superior intelligence….


Driver rams into crowd of students outside high school in Toulouse leaving two gravely ill

“At 15:54, a man driving a [Reanault] Clio car presumably deliberately hit three people at a pedestrian crossing,” Toulouse prosecutor Pierre-Yves Couilleau told BFMTV. “He was immediately arrested afterwards.”

The perpetrator told police he had a “desire to run people over,” according to the prosecutor. The driver has been “maturing” the idea for about a month before the attack, he added.

The driver is believed to be of “Asian origin” with a history of “psychological troubles,” Le Figaro newspaper reported….

Matthew 24-iniquity abounds; love grows cold


Communist Drexel Professor Blames Texas Church Massacre On Whiteness, Had Previously Blamed White People For The Las Vegas Attack

A controversial Drexel University professor, who is already suspended from campus over comments he made following the Las Vegas Massacre, is now arguing that the recent Texas church shooting was specifically caused by “whiteness” while also attacking news outlets who reported on his previous disgusting comments about the attack in Vegas.

In an interview with the left-wing show Democracy Now!, professor George Ciccariello-Maher once again shared his disgust for all white people while specifically pinning the blame for the church attack on the existence of whiteness itself.

“Whiteness is never seen as a cause, in and of itself, of these kinds of massacres,” Ciccariello-Maher said before adding, “despite the fact that whiteness is a structure of privilege and it’s a structure of power, and a structure that, when it feels threatened, you know, lashes out.”

Matthew 24 – many will hate one another


The dying west coast of the U.S! Now cod populations have nose-dived joining the list of seabirds, seals, whales, Salmon, Sardines, starfish, dolphins and Tuna

  • A deadly patch of warm water along the American West Coast called the ‘Pacific blob’, stretching all the way from California up to the Gulf of Alaska, has killed literally billions of marine species and birds since around 2011.
  • More signs indicate the Northwestern coast of Canada and the US is dying.
  • Study shows the Fukushima radioactive plume has reached the established fishing grounds across major migratory paths northeast of the islands of Hawaii
  • 50% of fish consumed on the islands of Hawaii were contaminated with caesium 134 the radioactive finger-print of Fukushima
  • Another study found caesium 134 in longfin tuna (Albacore) along the western coast of the US just one year after the Fukushima disaster.

According to Hal Bernton of The Seattle Times, the Gulf of Alaska cod populations appear to have nose-dived, a collapse fishery scientists believe is linked to warm water temperatures known as “the blob” that peaked in 2015.
The 2017 trawl net survey found the lowest numbers of cod on record, more than 70 percent lower than the survey found two years earlier.
The cod decline likely resulted from the blob, a huge influx of warm Pacific Ocean water that stretched — during its 2015 peak — from the Gulf of Alaska to California’s offshore waters….

Trumpet 2 judgement: 1/3 oceans die


School District Orders Coaches to Stop Bowing Heads in Prayer

Heaven help the coach who bows his head to pray in Coweta County, Georgia.

The Coweta County School District issued an edict banning all coaches and other employees from participating in student-initiated or student-led prayer or other forms of worship while acting in their official capacity.

“They cannot join hands, bow their heads, take a knee or commit another act that otherwise manifests approval with the students’ religious experience,” school board attorney Nathan Lee wrote in a letter obtained by the Newnan Times-Herald.

The prayer ban stems from a complaint filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based group of disgruntled atheists, agnostics and free-thinkers.

They obtained video of East Coweta County High School football coach John Small bowing his head during a team prayer.

“It is illegal for public school athletic coaches to lead their teams in prayer,” FFRF attorney Christopher Line wrote in a letter to the school district. “Coach Small’s conduct is unconstitutional because he endorses and promotes his religion when acting in his official capacity as a school district employee.”…


Russian Researchers Learn to Control Nanoparticles in Human Body

Scientists have discovered how iron oxide nanoparticles can be used for magnetic biosensing systems and the possible treatment of disease in the human body.

Researchers from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU), in collaboration with their colleagues from the Ural Federal University and the Institute of Electrophysics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), confirmed that iron oxide nanoparticles can be used for magnetic biosensing systems. The paper was published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

READ MORE: Mystery of Dark Matter: What the Detector in Italy Has Actually Picked Up

Magnetic biosensing is a cross-disciplinary field at the intersection of physics, chemistry, material science, nanotechnologies and medicine, which is used to determine a body’s state of health according to its responses to the application of an external magnetic field. Tissues and fluids of living organisms by themselves respond weakly to this field.

Therefore, in order to conduct magnetic biosensing, one needs to introduce magnetic tags — particles that will react in a certain way to the external field — into the body. Of course, these particles must be safe for a living organism’s tissues and must be very small in size, nanoscale….


‘Ebola’ outbreak DECLARED amid Black Death comeback – and this virus is UNTREATABLE

HEALTH experts are warning a killer virus that has broken out is untreatable – as the plague continues to spread after making a shock comeback.

The outbreak of a deadly virus similar to Ebola – the fatal fever that struck west Africa – has been confirmed in the continent.

Marburg, which kills up to 88% of people it strikes, has killed two people in Uganda and is now feared to have spread to another three.

A team of experts have been scrambled to the Kween district to contain the virus amid fears it will become a serious epidemic….


All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

Amazon’s Alexa ‘goes rogue’ & triggers German police raid; while TV triggers Echo into shopping spree(Dan 12-knowledge will increase)…Puerto Rico hit by new massive power outage after repairs…Self-driving bus involved in accident on its first day…At least 4 dead, 18 missing after major mudflow hits Corinto, Colombia…Discovery of gigantic ‘planet’ baffles astronomers(Romans 1-invisible things clearly seen)…Millions In Yemen Will Die Unless Saudi Aid Blockade Is Lifted & more

Dramatic video catches moment that 9-story block exploded in Russia’s Urals..

Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment that part of a nine-story block of flats collapsed in the Russian city of Izhevsk, killing at least six people. The incident was captured on a dashcam….

At least eight apartments were completely destroyed and more than 30 were affected by the horrific collapse. Investigators believe the residential building, constructed nearly three decades ago, was blown apart by a gas explosion. “The building folded as if it was a house of cards,” one witness told Rossiya 24 TV network.


Puerto Rico hit by new massive power outage after repairs

A major transmission line from Cambalache to Manati in Puerto Rico failed Thursday, plunging the capital San Juan and at least six other cities into darkness again. Only 18 percent of the island had power following the incident. Power was restored to around 43 percent of the island after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September. The line was originally repaired on October 26 by Whitefish Energy, a small Montana-based company awarded a $300 million contract to help restore power to the island. Puerto Rico canceled the controversial contract on October 29 after it emerged the company only had two full-time employees.


Self-driving bus involved in accident on its first day

A new self-driving shuttle bus got off to a bumpy start in Las Vegas.

When the service debuted in the city on Wednesday, one of the driverless vehicles was involved in a collision with a delivery truck, the Las Vegas government said in a statement.

 During the incident in downtown Las Vegas, the bus automatically stopped to try avoid an accident after its sensors detected the truck, the city said.

“Unfortunately, the delivery truck did not stop and grazed the front fender of the shuttle,” it said. “Had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has, the accident would have been avoided.”….


At least 4 dead, 18 missing after major mudflow hits Corinto, Colombia

A devastating mudflow swept through Colombian town of Corinto Tuesday afternoon, November 7, 2017, killing at least 4 people and leaving 18 others missing. A total of 29 people were injured and 22 houses destroyed.

The mudflow struck the mountainous town at about 17:30 local time, after the La Paila river burst its banks and sent mud, branches, and boulders through the center of Corinto (population 12 153). The government confirmed 4 deaths and 18 missing people. At least 29 people have been injured and 243 families affected.

Landslides expert Dr. Dave Petley said the mudflow struck during a period of heavy rain. “Fortunately, it appears that a warning system allowed many residents to escape the flow,” he said….


FEMA has plan to transport PR hurricane survivors – but few takers

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is offering to help transport hurricane survivors from Puerto Rico to the continental United States but, so far, there are few takers.

Hurricane Maria survivors who want to temporarily relocate to the mainland could end up in Florida or New York, as FEMA is working to establish agreements with both states. The two states were selected by Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello, with priority given to approximately 3,000 people who are living in shelters, according to FEMA….


Public Health Officials Offer Few Details About Mysterious TB Death in Nebraska City at Center of Immigration Controversy

State and local public health officials are offering few details about the mysterious tuberculosis (TB) death of a patient first diagnosed last month at a hospital in Fremont, Nebraska.

Fremont is a city of 26,000 about 40 miles northwest of Omaha that was at the center of a national controversy in 2010 when it passed an ordinance that prohibits landlords from renting to individuals who are not American citizens.

“Three Rivers Public Health Department said they received notification that a patient evaluated and treated at Fremont Health on October 29, 2017 tested positive for tuberculosis. That patient was transferred to Nebraska Medicine and later died at that facility,” WOWT reported.

“We’re actively investigating this case of TB and we’re interviewing family and community members to identify any setting where other individuals might have been exposed to this patient,” Terra Uhing, executive director of Three Rivers Public Health Department, which is responsible for public health in three rural counties–Dodge, Washington, and Saunders–with a combined population of about 77,000, said in a statement released on Monday….


Discovery of gigantic ‘planet’ baffles astronomers

Even if you have only cursory knowledge of the planets in our Solar System, you know that Earth is on the smaller end of the spectrum in terms of mass. Mercury and Mars are even smaller, but Saturn and the mighty Jupiter, of course, are on the other end of the spectrum. But in the grand scheme of things, Jupiter isn’t actually all that mighty at all and a new discovery of an absolutely massive planet residing in our galaxy’s “bulge” has scientists struggling to explain how it can even be a planet at all.

The new planet, which was discovered using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, is named OGLE-2016-BLG-1190Lb, but what it lacks in a flashy name it more than makes up for in sheer size. The planet is estimated to be over 13 times the mass of Jupiter, which is so huge that astronomers are considering the possibility that it’s not actually a planet.

Romans 1 – Invisible things clearly seen


Amazon’s Alexa ‘goes rogue’ & triggers German police raid

Police broke down the door of a Hamburg apartment after receiving complaints of a wild party taking place, but all they found was Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant Alexa having fun while the owner was away.

Neighbours called the police to complain about loud music blaring from the apartment. When police arrived and forced their way in, they found the apartment empty, except for the Amazon Alexa which was blasting music. Alexa is an “intelligent personal assistant,” that can be instructed to control music, lights and search for things online.

Read more

The Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled virtual assistant. © Peter Hobson

“While I was relaxed and enjoying a beer, Alexa managed on her own, without command and without me using my mobile phone, to switch on at full volume and have her own party in my apartment,” Alexa’s owner Oliver Haberstroh wrote on Facebook….

10 people killed as Egypt’s ISIS affiliate ambushes Sinai convoy

Militants from an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) affiliate ambushed a convoy of cement trucks late Thursday from an army factory in the central Sinai Peninsula. Eight civilian employees and two soldiers were killed, AP reported, citing security officials. The militants, from the group formerly known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, stole the men’s weapons and burnt seven trucks in the nighttime attack near the town of Nakhl, the officials added. IS did not immediately claim responsibility for the attack.

Seal 2 – Peace taken from the earth


Millions In Yemen Will Die Unless Saudi Aid Blockade Is Lifted, UN Warns

The Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has been orchestrated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has left the country on the brink of famine.

A Saudi-led blockade of desperately-needed aid supplies in Yemen has pushed the war-torn country to the brink of “the largest famine the world has seen for many decades,” the United Nations said this week, forecasting millions of casualties if the siege is not lifted.

Saudi Arabia announced Monday that it had decided to “temporarily close” all ports in Yemen, where 7 million people are at risk of starvation. Nearly 70 percent of the population relies on foreign assistance brought in via land, sea and air for survival.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, Yemen has been engulfed by a raging conflict that has spiraled into one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Its staggering deterioration has come amid an ongoing Saudi-led intervention there, under the direction of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Salman became the world’s youngest defense minister in January 2015 after his father ― King Salman ― claimed the Saudi throne. Two months later, Saudi Arabia led a coalition of Gulf Arab states in launching a military campaign in support of embattled Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi against Houthi rebels, an Iranian-allied Shiite group that took control of large parts of the country in 2014. But the resulting conflict has had a devastating impact on millions of civilians….

Matthew 24 – nation against nation; kingdom against kingdom

Shattered US-Russia ties ‘greatest threat’ to world peace – German FM

The “completely shattered” US-Russia relationship is the greatest threat to peace across the globe, the German foreign minister warned. The world will see more uncertainty should Moscow and Washington fail to find common ground.

Should Moscow and Washington fail to mend ties, “our children will be growing up in a dangerous and uncertain world increasingly armed with nuclear weapons,” German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told Bild am Sonntag in an interview on Sunday, as cited by Merkur“The completely shattered relationship between the US and Russia is the greatest threat to world peace,” Gabriel said, also citing the deployment of nuclear-armed intermediate-range missiles in Europe, which is “more than likely.” ….

Matthew 24 – nation against nation; kingdom against kingdom


All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

I Bought A $100 Mystery Box From Ebay & I have no idea what I just bought(video)…Russian Trolls Duped Global Media, Politicians (Trump) And Nearly 40 Celebrities… China’s Central Bank Chief Warns of ‘Sudden, Contagious and Hazardous’ Financial Risks…Six weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans still waiting for help from Fema…’Dirty dossier’ lists THIRTY-SIX ‘sex pest’ Tory MPs including one branded ‘handsy with women’…Woman spends record six days without lungs thanks to ground-breaking procedure & more

Waymo rolls out self-driving cars without test drivers..

Waymo will allow the public to start riding in the fully self-driving vehicles in the next few months. The trips will take place in Phoenix, Arizona, where Waymo has already been testing its technology.

Participants in Waymo’s early rider program, which gives free rides to Phoenix area residents, will be first to ride alone in its Chrysler Pacifica vans.

“This is a major step forward,” Jay Tibshraeny, Mayor of Chandler, Arizona told CNN Tech. “We’re glad to be a the forefront of that testing.”

 For now, there will be no charge for these rides. But the news is a step toward, with Waymo offering a paid service that competes with ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft….

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I Bought A $100 Mystery Box From Ebay

I have no idea what I just bought.


Six weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans still waiting for help from Fema

Federal agency still hobbled by lack of electricity and reliable cell and internet service – stopping Puerto Ricans from getting the help they desperately need.

Online aid forms that can’t be filled out because there’s no internet. Follow-up calls missed because cellphones can’t get a signal. Federal officials who can’t speak Spanish and leave families waiting for weeks.

More than six weeks after Hurricane Maria, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) is still hobbled by the lack of electricity and reliable cell and internet service – stopping Puerto Ricans from accessing assistance they desperately need.

“I feel like it’s constant begging, I’m a professional woman and now I’m crawling, just crawling for help,” said Luz Nereida Montero, a former school administrator who lives in the town of Utuado, a community perched in the mountains that rise in the centre of the island.

To apply for federal aid, residents must fill out a form online or call a telephone number – but no-one has access to the internet or phone in Utuado. Fema has gone back to paper and pencil in Puerto Rico to remedy this, but residents said the first federal representative only showed up in Utuado last week, 42 days after Maria.

Before Fema arrived, Nereida Montero traveled several hours to another town to get in touch with her daughter-in-law in Michigan to fill out the online form. She’s still unsure when Fema will show up to inspect her house in order to approve the assistance money. And she has another common problem in that she’s not sure how the agency will contact her either, given her complete lack of communications….


 China’s Central Bank Chief Warns of ‘Sudden, Contagious and Hazardous’ Financial Risks

China’s financial system is becoming significantly more vulnerable due to high leverage, according to central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan, who has made a series of blunt warnings in recent weeks about debt levels in the world’s second-largest economy.

Latent risks are accumulating, including some that are “hidden, complex, sudden, contagious and hazardous,” even as the overall health of the financial system remains good, Zhou wrote in a lengthy article published on the People’s Bank of China’s website late Saturday.

 The nation should toughen regulation and let markets serve the real economy better, according to Zhou. The government should also open up markets by relaxing capital controls and reducing restrictions on non-Chinese financial institutions that want to operate on the mainland, he wrote.

“High leverage is the ultimate origin of macro financial vulnerability,” wrote Zhou, 69, who is widely expected to retire soon after a record 15-year tenure. “In sectors of the real economy, this is reflected as excessive debt, and in the financial system, this is reflected as credit that has been expanding too quickly.”


Governor Brown Signs Bills Redefining the Meaning of Gender and Forcing LGBT Sensitivity Training on Businesses

At the last possible moment on Sunday October 15, Governor Jerry Brown signed a series of bills that fundamentally change the definition of gender on government documents. The state of California no longer believes in the dictionary definition of a man or a woman, which says someone’s sex is determined by certain physical characteristics. Now in California any man can declare themselves a woman, and any woman can use the word “man” for self identification, no questions asked, no physical proof required….


‘I’m looking to sue’: Black activist says Twitter banned her as ‘Russian bot’


A witch-hunt for so-called Russian trolls has overwhelmed social media. Charlie Peach, the woman Twitter labeled a Russian troll, lives in the US state of Georgia and says she has no connection to Russia whatsoever. Twitter suspended her account, which had thousands of followers, back in September.


Russian Trolls Duped Global Media, Politicians (Trump) And Nearly 40 Celebrities

What do President Donald Trump, CNN anchor Jake Tapper, The Washington Post, Breitbart and Jack Dorsey, the head of Twitter, all have in common?

They and nearly 40 celebrities and politicians were all roped into retweeting or otherwise engaging with accounts created by a Russian “troll factory” to millions of followers, according to a new exclusive analysis.

Over 3,000 global news outlets also inadvertently published articles containing embedded tweets by the confirmed Kremlin-linked troll accounts in over 11,000 news articles in the run-up to the 2016 election, separate exclusive reporting shows.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee publicly released for the first time the list of over 2,700 handles provided by Twitter that the social media platform linked to the Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Russian intelligence agency-linked firm based in St. Petersburg, Russia….


May REFUSES to voice confidence in minister as ‘dirty dossier’ lists THIRTY-SIX ‘sex pest’ Tory MPs including one branded ‘handsy with women’ – while ex-No10 aide says whips hold material to help control votes

  • Tory aides put together dossier which includes specific details of accusations
  • ‘Spreadsheet of shame’ contains names of 36 Tory MPs accused of misconduct
  • One MP is said to be ‘handsy’ and another allegedly had sex with a researcher
  • A former Tory minister allegedly asked secretary to ‘feel the length of my c***’
  • Accusations come after Mark Garnier admitted getting secretary to buy sex toy 
  • PM in House as Commons leader promised action in ‘days’ to toughen rules…


Woman spends record six days without lungs thanks to ground-breaking procedure

‘Without the doctors coming up with this procedure I wouldn’t be sitting here today, “says Ms Benoit. ‘I still don’t believe it happened. It seems very surreal’

A woman was kept alive for six days without her lungs in what has been called a medical world-first.

Melissa Benoit, was born with cystic fibrosis — a genetic disease that can cause phlegm build-up in the lungs and affect the digestive system.

After she came down with a bout of flu last year, she was  rushed from her home in Burlington, Canada to the intensive care unit at hospital in nearby Toronto.

Bacteria in the 32-year-old mother-of-one’s lungs became resistant to most antibiotics and as a result the disease spread throughout her body, causing her to slip into septic shock.

As her blood pressure plummeted to dangerously low levels and, one by one, her organs began to shut down….



US firm makes millions selling dead body parts donated to science – report

A year-long investigation by the Reuters news agency has uncovered an American business selling organs, and other body parts donated to science, often without the knowledge of relatives. Under US law it is perfectly legal.

In 2008, Science Care Inc. developed a 55-page national expansion plan. The goal was to maximize profits from the sale of human bodies donated to science. The company’s model for ensuring quality was the McDonald’s Corp.

The company aimed to provide customers with the same cuts from cadavers no matter which Science Care branch handled the order. Company founder James Rogers cited production methods perfected by Ray Kroc, the visionary who turned a hamburger stand into a fast-food empire, according to an executive who worked closely with Rogers….


Paint it black: Japanese student seeks $20K after school forced her to dye hair

An 18-year-old student has lodged a complaint with a Japanese court after her high school forced her to dye her brown hair black under faculty rules. The girl’s repeated attempts at changing her hair color were reportedly not enough for the school.

The teen from Habikino city in Osaka prefecture is suing local authorities over her experience at Kaifukan High School. The school’s policy obliges its students to have black hair, according to local media reporting on the first hearing held Friday.

Before entering the school in spring in 2015, the girl’s mother contacted the school to inform them her daughter had naturally brownish hair. The school still insisted on the girl dyeing her hair.

The girl’s attempts at having the required hair color were never enough for the school, as she was asked to dye her hair again “every four days,”  according to Tokyo Reporter. The coloring caused pain and irritation on the girl’s scalp. Her mother lodged a complaint with the school, but it was dismissed, local media report….


Horrific CCTV footage shows man drop-kicked off train platform (VIDEO)

Police have released footage of a man being viciously kicked off a tram platform by a trio of people in Manchester. He is then threatened with a smashed wine bottle when he tries to make his way back onto the platform.

The footage shows the 23-year-old victim arriving at the Didsbury Village Metrolink Station, Manchester, at the same time of a man and two women at 10.50 pm on Friday October 13.

The CCTV images released by Greater Manchester Police show one of the two women running on the tracks, in what the police deemed an attempt to “distract” the young man.

The victim then pleads the woman to climb back up to her own safety, before he is drop-kicked off the platform by a balaclava-bearing man and threatened with a metal bar and a smashed bottle of wine.

He manages to clamber back onto the platform, flee and get home safely. Although he did not report any serious injuries, he was left shocked by the ordeal, according to a police statement….

Matthew 24 – when we SEE ALL these things


All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

“New Delhi has become a gas chamber,”: Half a million Indians died prematurely due to PM2.5…Harvey Weinstein Hired Private Investigators To Bury Allegations…Group of monster sharks attack submarine deep underwater (video)…Dinner date from hell: Russian ‘Hannibal Lecter’ bites off nurse’s ears and nose…British Council boss sacked for calling Prince George ‘emblem of white privilege’(Matt 24-many offended) & more

Saudi Arabia And Iran On The Brink Of War After Rebel Missile Attack From Yemen Hit Targets In Riyadh..

On Monday, a Saudi-led military coalition battling Tehran-backed rebels in Yemen said it reserved the “right to respond” to the missile attack on Riyadh at the weekend, calling it a “blatant military aggression by the Iranian regime which may amount to an act of war”. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir also warned Tehran.

Saudi Arabia and Iran traded fierce accusations over Yemen on Monday, with Riyadh saying a rebel missile attack “may amount to an act of war” and Tehran accusing its rival of war crimes.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The tensions between the Saudi kingdom and the terror-state of Iran have gotten to the brink very quickly. Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen fired a SCUD missile well in the Saudi airspace and hit near their airport in Riyadh. What has the Saudi’s so upset is that this is the farthest-traveling missile they have ever fired, and the Saudis know they need to send a message. Because if they don’t, the next missile could very well be nuclear.

Tensions have been rising between Sunni-ruled Saudi Arabia and predominantly Shiite Iran, which are opposed in disputes and conflicts across the Middle East from Yemen and Syria to Qatar and Lebanon.

On Monday, a Saudi-led military coalition battling Tehran-backed rebels in Yemen said it reserved the “right to respond” to the missile attack on Riyadh at the weekend, calling it a “blatant military aggression by the Iranian regime which may amount to an act of war”. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir also warned Tehran.

“Iranian interventions in the region are detrimental to the security of neighbouring countries and affect international peace and security. We will not allow any infringement on our national security,” Jubeir tweeted.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif issued dismissive tweets over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in response.

Saudi Arabia blames Iran for missile attack:

“KSA bombs Yemen to smithereens, killing 1000s of innocents including babies, spreads cholera and famine, but of course blames Iran,” he wrote. “KSA is engaged in wars of aggression, regional bullying, destabilising behaviour & risky provocations. It blames Iran for the consequences.”….


In detail: Sunnis vs. Shiites

When we watch the news and see reporters talking about the conflicts that are playing out across the Middle East, we hear a lot about fighting between the Sunnis and the Shiites, the two main sects of Islam. But many of us have no idea what the actual difference between the two groups is, and why there is so much friction between them.

So let’s take a look at some of the history and the geopolitics to get a sense of what is really going on.

There are 1.6 billion Muslims across the world. Roughly 85% of them are Sunnis.

The division began after the death of the Prophet Mohammed some 1,400 years ago, as a disagreement about who should succeed him.

The Sunnis felt that Abu Bakr, a close friend of the prophet’s, ought to be the next Muslim leader.

But the Shiites claimed that Mohammed had annointed his son-in-law, Ali, as his rightful successor.

The Sunnis won out, but a split was born, and that rift was cemented when Ali’s son was later killed by the ruling Sunni’s troops — an event which the Shiites commemorate every year.

Fast-forward more than a thousand years, and the situation is worse than ever. According to a poll by Pew Research, some 40% of Sunnis don’t even regard Shiites as real Muslims…..

“New Delhi has become a gas chamber,”:  Half a million Indians died prematurely due to PM2.5. that enters deep into the lungs and bloodstream, reaching 703 double the mark of 300 that authorities deem as hazardous.

Children and elderly are more at risk, warned Dr Aggarwal barely a week after a report by science journal Lancet said half a million Indians died prematurely due to PM2.5.
“The government must take all appropriate measures so that schools are shut and people don’t have to go outside.

People suffering from respiratory conditions might feel worse, this might even induce a heart attack in patients with pre-existing heart problems,” Aggarwal told Al Jazeera.
The Delhi government followed through, as it announced closure of primary schools from Wednesday…..


Group of monster sharks attack submarine deep underwater (video)

The Blue Planet II team dive to over 700 meters to see what happens to a whale carcass on the seabed.

Whilst filming sharks as they feast, the sharks start to take a worrying interest in the submarine!

OMG, being in a submarine is already a bit scary, but when monster sharks start to play with you, then it becomes terrifying!….


Freight train derails in Brazil after violent rains and flash flooding destroys the tracks

An empty freight train derailed on Tuesday morning (07/11/2017) in the Quem-Quem district Of Brazil due to heavy rains and flash flooding that destroyed parts of the tracks.

The disaster occurred around 6:30 am between Montes Claros and Janaúba, in the northern region of Minas Gerais. Two machinists were involved. One was injured….


Harvey Weinstein Hired Private Investigators To Bury Allegations: Report

The New Yorker says actress Rose McGowan was particularly targeted in attempts to gather information to silence accusations.

Harvey Weinstein hired a private investigation firm in 2016 to dig up information on journalists and women who were set to accuse him of sexual harassment, according to a report Monday in The New Yorker.

The former studio executive allegedly hired corporate intelligence companies Kroll and Black Cube, which is largely composed of former Mossad officers and members of other Israeli intelligence agencies. The New Yorker obtained documents and testimony from seven anonymous sources that detailed Weinstein’s attempts to collect information designed to stop exposure of abuse accusations.

Agencies appeared to specifically target Rose McGowan, the actress who signed a legal settlement with Weinstein and has said the producer raped her….


Dinner date from hell: Russian ‘Hannibal Lecter’ bites off nurse’s ears and nose after inviting her to his home for a romantic meal


British Council boss sacked for calling Prince George ‘emblem of white privilege’ denied payout

A former British Council manager who was sacked for calling Prince George, the Queen’s great grandson, the emblem of “white privilege” has lost her claim for compensation. Angela Gibbins was fired after making the comments on Facebook in July last year.

Gibbins, who earned £80,000 ($105,000) per year as head of global estates at the charity, which promotes Britain’s image worldwide, was sacked for gross misconduct following her “distasteful and personal attack” on the future heir to the throne.

The Labour Party member and republican took the British Council to an employment tribunal, claiming unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, and “belief discrimination.”….


Earth’s 1st interstellar explorers have been chosen, and they’re tiny

The Starlight program has selected both tardigrades and a species of roundworm as the Earth’s first interstellar voyagers who will cross the solar system at relativistic speeds on a laser-powered craft.

“It will not be easy,” said Philip Lubin, head of the Starlight program at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), as cited by “There are many difficult technical issues. It will not be cheap. But it is possible.”

“We are developing the capability to test whether terrestrial life as we know it can exist in interstellar space by preparing small life-forms … C. elegans and radiation-resistant tardigrades … which are ideal candidates to be our first interstellar travelers,” Lubin added….

Dan 12-Knowledge will increase



Typhoon “Damrey” hits Vietnam, leaving at least 89 dead, 18 missing, 100 000+ houses under water

Wednesday, November 8 @ 08:10 UTC

The death toll has risen to 89 the government said. There are still 18 people missing.

An official from the National Committee for Search and Rescue Operations said soldiers, police, militiamen, and villagers have been mobilized to search for the missing. Those who perished were killed by collapsing houses, washed away by floods or drowned in capsized ships.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said the storm also injured 174 others.

Weather forecasters said water levels in most rivers in the region were declining, but the Vietnam Disaster Management Authority said parts of a main highway were still covered with up to a meter (three feet) of water, disrupting traffic. (Outlook India)….


All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present