Food riots grip western Venezuela…Cold in India claims 143 lives as temperatures near freezing just a week after brutal cold killed 11 in Nepal…‘One Million Moms’ Is Furious That Scholastic Is Selling Books About Transgender Kids…First sunrise in 40 days: Arctic Russian city greets daylight as polar night ends…Scientists discover species of dinosaur the size of a turkey…‘It was a joke’: Italian police question teens over homeless Moroccan incinerated in car & more

This Is The Real Reason Why 2018 Will Be An Absolutely Terrifying Year..

Egon von Greyerz:  “Welcome to 2018 – a year that will be the culmination of at least 105 years of mismanagement of the Western financial system by governments, central bankers and the elite…

2018 will be a year of major volatility in many markets. Stocks are now in a melt-up phase, and before the major bear markets start in virtually all countries around the world, we are likely to see the final exhaustion moves which could be substantial. The year will also be marked by inflation increasing a lot faster than expected. This will include higher interest rates, much higher commodity prices, such as food, oil and a falling dollar. And many base metals will strengthen. Precious metals finished the 2-3 year correction (depending on the base Currency) in 2015 and are now resuming the move to new highs and eventually a lot higher. More on this later. 


For a century, a reckless elite has controlled the system for their own personal gain and thus accumulated massive wealth. Ordinary people have been totally cheated into believing that they have benefitted by having all the material things that most of them can’t afford – be it a house, car, computer or iPhone. All on credit of course. Whilst the elite owns most of the assets, ordinary people own the debt. Not just their own debt but also the public debt burden which irresponsible governments have built up, including unfunded liabilities such as pension and medical care. And when the financial system fails, ordinary people will suffer the most. 

We have seen a century of debt buildup from virtually zero to $240 trillion. Global debt has doubled since the beginning of the Great Financial Crisis in 2006. This has led to asset bubbles and overvaluations never seen before in history. If unfunded liabilities and derivatives are included, the total burden amounts to $2 Quadrillion.


Cold in India claims 143 lives as temperatures near freezing just a week after brutal cold killed 11 in Nepal

Despite being sunny, a cold wave continued in most parts of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.

More than 40 persons were reported dead in the state in the last 24 hours, taking the toll to 143 so far. Early morning fog disrupted normal life in the state capital and neighbouring areas.

A dozen trains were cancelled due to poor visibility which also lead to delays.
Winter vacations of schools in the state capital have been extended by one more day on orders of the District Magistrate.

Three persons have been killed since Tuesday in road accidents due to fog.
Visibility in many areas dropped to 15-20 metres, the Met said.
A six-year-old boy Satyam who had gone to school in Barabanki died due to cold, parents have alleged.

Despite government’s orders, the private school had not complied, prompting an inquiry into the matter.

Deaths have also been reported from Kanpur, Fatehpur, Kannauj, Pilibhit, Moradabad, Sambhal, Amroha, Rampur, Hamirpur, Azamgarh, Ghazipur and Ballia…..


Food riots grip western Venezuela

Mob reportedly slaughters cattle in field

Hungry mobs ransacked a food collection centre and a supermarket in Venezuela’s western Andean state of Merida on Thursday and reportedly even slaughtered cattle grazing in a field as unrest over food shortages spread through the country.

An opposition lawmaker from Merida, Carlos Paparoni, said four people had died and 10 were injured in the chaos over the last two days, but he did not specify the circumstances.

Four years of recession and the world’s highest inflation have plunged millions of Venezuelans into poverty, and President Nicolas Maduro’s authoritarian socialist regime faces mounting unrest.

 Venezuela’s information ministry did not respond to a request for information about the latest disturbances to rock the nation of 30 million people.

Looters plundered a truck carrying corn, a food collection centre and a state-run supermarket, according to Paparoni, and a vet who witnessed the mayhem.

A video on social media also showed around a dozen men running into a lush pasture, chasing a cow, and then apparently beating it to death….


‘One Million Moms’ Is Furious That Scholastic Is Selling Books About Transgender Kids

“Scholastic is not safe for your child,” the conservative anti-LGBTQ group warned parents.

A conservative “pro-family” group is trying to rally mothers against the Scholastic Corporation for publishing children’s books that honor diverse gender identities.

One Million Moms, an advocacy group that has largely focused its efforts on condemning progressive ideology in the entertainment industry, on Wednesday aimed its sights on Scholastic, one of the world’s largest publishers of children’s books.

In a post on its website, One Million Moms took particular issue with one book, George, a chapter book intended for kids in grades 3 to 7. Written by the queer activist and author Alex GinoGeorge tells the story of a transgender fourth grader. The 10-year-old hopes that by playing Charlotte in her school’s upcoming production of Charlotte’s Web, she’ll finally get her parents and teacher to look past the gender that was assigned to her at birth and accept her as a girl….


Woman loses arm in shocking laundry accident, accuses boss of trying to save machine

A Ukrainian woman who lost her arm in a washing machine accident at a Polish laundrette claims the manager cared more about preventing damage to the equipment than his employee’s wellbeing when medics arrived to cut her free.

Alyona Romanenko from the town of Lutsk in western Ukraine fell victim to the malfunction while working in a laundrette in Poland’s Lubon. The incident, which took place in December, emerged in the media this week after Romanenko shared her shocking experience in a video released by her husband on YouTube. The transcript of her story was initially published by Volyn24 news.

The woman, who said she came to Poland to work, says the machine she was operating would often break down. She also said she had not received any professional training when she started working there. The only recommendation she was given was to take knotted sheets out of the machine and untie them – advice, she says, that cost her an arm….


First sunrise in 40 days: Arctic Russian city greets daylight as polar night ends

Having seen no sunlight for more than a month, the northern Russian port city of Murmansk has finally greeted a sunrise and a glimpse of daylight that lasted little more than half an hour.

Crowds of local residents gathered on top of a hill to watch the sun emerge from the horizon on Thursday, marking the end of the polar night. Despite sub-zero temperatures, people came to celebrate the end of 24-hour darkness, which began in early December.

The sight of the first sunrise has been drawing locals since 2007 for the annual event on the hill, which is appropriately named “Sunny mountain.” People cheered and raised their cameras to capture the moment, as the first sunbeams appeared at 12:39pm.

The first daylight of the year does not last long, and Thursday’s glimpse of sunlight had disappeared again within 34 minutes….


Scientists discover species of dinosaur the size of a turkey

Scientists have discovered a species of dinosaur that roamed between Australia and Antarctica 113 million years ago.

The discovery of Diluvicursor pickeringi, published Thursday in the biological and medical journal Peer J, tells us more about how Australia and Antarctica were once connected and the different kinds of dinosaurs that lived there.

“Skeletons of dinosaurs from Australia are very rare,” Matthew Herne, the lead paleontologist on the study, wrote in an email. This discovery shows for the first time that there were at least two closely related dinosaur species living in southeastern Australia.

 So what did D. pickeringi look like when it was alive?
This dinosaur was roughly the size of a turkey, Herne said, although its tail would have made it a lot longer, at around 7½ feet. It probably munched on things like leaves, pine nuts, mosses and possibly fruits. It was also a runner, evident from its long foot bones….


Former Teacher Has Certificates Suspended for Speaking Against Sin of Homosexuality on Facebook

The New Jersey Department of Education has suspended the teaching certificates of a former high school teacher who came under fire seven years ago for speaking against the sin of homosexuality on Facebook.

As previously reported, Jenye “Viki” Knox, 56, first came under fire in June 2011 after she posted comments on Facebook decrying the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle Union High School.

The school had reportedly erected a display in acknowledgment of “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Month,” which featured popular homosexual celebrities.

“It’s still there,” she vented on her personal Facebook page. “I’m pitching a fit.”….



‘It was a joke’: Italian police question teens over homeless Moroccan incinerated in car

Two boys have been identified as prime suspects in the murder of 64-year-old Ahmed Fdil, who was burned alive in the car he used for shelter in the town of Zevio near Verona. “It was a joke,” L’Arena daily quoted the younger boy telling police when he was questioned about the incident that took place in December. Although he claimed they “didn’t do it on purpose,” the boy admitted they took paper rolls from a pizzeria to ignite and throw at the vehicle.

According to Verona Sera, the man became stuck in the car window as he tried to escape the fire. “To see him die like that was atrocious. To see him burning, he was alive,” AP quoted a witness, Gino Capo, who tried to drag Ahmed out….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present


Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes…Southern California Mudslides Victims Range In Age From 3 To 89… ‘God Had a Plan for Me’: Teen’s Miracle Recovery Stuns Doctors after a Car Landed on His Head…Potentially deadly flu virus is widespread in 46 states…Tropical Cyclone “Ava” causes floods and landslides, leaves 29 dead…This AI Robot Shading Chrissy Teigen Makes Us Fear For Humanity…Video shows patient left at cold bus stop at night, wearing only a hospital gown & more

Driver recalls terrifying muddy ride down Burbank road…

2:10 min mark

Desionne Franklin could see the wall of water and mud rushing at him in his car’s rearview mirror – but there wasn’t much he could do about it.

Franklin and his girlfriend were inside his Prius in Burbank during Tuesday’s storm when a river of mud came rushing down Country Club Drive.

It picked up their car and swept it down the road like a bobsled.

The terrifying incident was captured on a video that quickly went viral with tens of thousands of views….


‘God Had a Plan for Me’: Teen’s Miracle Recovery Stuns Doctors after a Car Landed on His Head

Juan Spence is the definition of a walking miracle.

Juan was a passenger in his friend’s car that rainy Spring day.

“My friend is speeding away down the road,” Juan told CBN News in a recent interview at his home.

“Due to all the rainwater, he loses control of the car. He hits a post, the car starts tumbling down the road and me not having my seatbelt was terrible,” he recalled. “I couldn’t believe it. I crashed through the sun roof head first, landed onto the roadway and the car still tumbling, rests on me and crushes my body and my skull.”

Juan had been ejected from the car, which landed on his head.

He was rushed to MCV Hospital in Richmond Virginia. Doctors said the pressure and swelling in his brain was so bad that a piece of his skull had to be removed….


Tropical Cyclone “Ava” causes floods and landslides, leaves 29 dead

“On a national scale, the provisional toll is 29 dead, 22 missing, 17 170 displaced and 83 023 affected,” the National Bureau for Risk and Catastrophe Management (BNGRC) said in a statement.

There are no less than 20 000 extensive damage claims.

Among the worst hit areas are the capital Antananarivo, where more than 3 200 people were evacuated from their homes….


Potentially deadly flu virus is widespread in 46 states

A particularly deadly flu virus has reportedly become widespread in 46 states across the country, according to the recent data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC reported the severe flu season has already resulted in the deaths of at least 13 children since it began in October.

“This is a feature of this year’s flu — not only did it start early, but it seemed to occur all over the country more or less simultaneously,” Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University, told ABC News….


Scientists Discover Clean Water Ice Just Below Mars’ Surface

Locked away beneath the surface of Mars are vast quantities of water ice. But the properties of that ice—how pure it is, how deep it goes, what shape it takes—remain a mystery to planetary geologists. Those things matter to mission planners, too: Future visitors to Mars, be they short-term sojourners or long-term settlers, will need to understand the planet’s subsurface ice reserves if they want to mine it for drinking, growing crops, or converting into hydrogen for fuel.

Trouble is, dirt, rocks, and other surface-level contaminants make it hard to study the stuff. Mars landers can dig or drill into the first few centimeters of the planet’s surface, and radar can give researchers a sense of what lies tens-of-meters below the surface. But the ice content of the geology in between—the first 20 meters or so—is largely uncharacterized…..


Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes

In George Orwell’s 1984, the oppressive rulers of Oceania use devices called telescreens to closely monitor and repress citizens.

Now Facebook looks set to follow in the Party’s footsteps by putting its own firm’s microphones and cameras into people’s homes.

The social network is planning to release its first ever piece of consumer hardware which will be called Portal and cost a whopping $499 (£368), a website called Cheddar has claimed.

Facebook developing ‘Portal’ gadget which will let it put microphones and cameras in people’s homes


Video shows patient left at cold bus stop at night, wearing only a hospital gown

A viral video of a recently discharged patient left at a bus stop at night in Baltimore has inspired widespread outrage and prompted an investigation at the hospital where she was treated.

The video is distressing to watch — both for its contents and for the questions it raises about the events leading up to it.

A young woman, wearing only a hospital gown and socks, is left standing by a bus stop Tuesday night or early Wednesday as four men in uniforms, possibly security guards, walk away. The man who filmed it, Imamu Baraka, follows them as they leave the stop with an empty wheelchair.

“Wait, so you all are just going to leave this lady out here with no clothes on?” he says. “That is not okay.”

 One of the men replies it was “due to the circumstances of what happened.”
The young woman barely speaks and seems dazed, occasionally crying out. Baraka urges her sit at the bus stop, where two plastic bags full of the woman’s belongings lie on the ground next to a pair of shoes. As she approaches the cold bench, the thin gown exposes her bare skin….


This AI Robot Shading Chrissy Teigen Makes Us Fear For Humanity

It was nice knowing you, Chrissy!

When the war between robots and humans has brought civilization to its knees, leaving apes to inherit the earth, we’ll have one person to thank: model Chrissy Teigen.

The “Lip Sync Battle” co-host has made a name for herself on Twitter, where she regularly trades some of the best barbs on the web.

Last month, Teigen directed her famed acid tongue at Sophia, an artificially intelligent robot. When Sophia asked her Twitter followers to guess which city she was visiting, Teigen replied, “Hopefully one with better makeup artists.”….


Southern California Mudslides Victims Range In Age From 3 To 89

Rescue crews continued to search the wreckage for trapped people.

Victims of the powerful mudslides that swept through the Southern California community of Montecito range in age from 3 to 89, authorities said Thursday as they continued to search the wreckage for missing people….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

Gunfire as millions in gems stolen in raid on Paris Ritz hotel…Ground continues to move on the Rattlesnake Ridge Slide…The World’s Silence On The Rohingya Genocide Is Shameful And Unsurprising…This Teacher Was Shockingly Arrested After Questioning Her Superintendent’s Raise…School Homework Asks Kids To Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons For Slavery…Southern California Mudslides Leave At Least 17 Dead & more

LG Display’s 65-inch TV rolls up like wrapping paper..


2,000 7-Eleven customers possibly exposed to hepatitis A in Utah..

Health officials in Salt Lake County, Utah, are warning residents that an estimated 2,000 of them could have been exposed to hepatitis A at a local 7-Eleven convenience store.

People who visited the location in West Jordan between December 26 and January 3 could be at risk if they used a restroom in the store or consumed certain food items, according to the Salt Lake County Health Department.
“The possible hepatitis A exposure occurred when an infected employee worked while ill and potentially handled certain items in the store,” the department said on Sunday. The case is believed to be connected to a wider hepatitis A outbreak in the area that has been ongoing since August….


Ground continues to move on the Rattlesnake Ridge Slide

Chopper ride offers best view yet of the crack on Rattlesnake Ridge

Helicopter tour above the site of a crack that’s threatening to trigger a dangerous landslide east of Interstate 82 near Yakima and Union Gap.


The World’s Silence On The Rohingya Genocide Is Shameful And Unsurprising

Before, we failed Syria’s minorities; now, we’re failing Myanmar’s.

Four years ago, as I sat in a cozy coffee shop writing a Huffington Post entry on the Syrian Civil War that remains depressingly relevant today, people died in Syria. They died for no crime than that of being more powerless than their executioners. They died, and the world did nothing. Our country did nothing. As masked men strode through the cities of Houla and Idlib and Homs and Latakia, as they raped wives and murdered husbands and pressed cold guns against the soft hair of children whom parents had coddled only a small while before, the world watched. That it’s in human nature to push a pistol against a child’s head and to squeeze the trigger is terrifying. Yet this is happening today, right now, as I sit typing this new entry in a new coffee shop—privileged—and as you sit reading my words.

Shortly before leaving office, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the slaughter of both pro and anti-government Syrians constituted genocide.


Today in Myanmar, the tragedy of Syria recurs: Genocide gains steam, and the world’s reaction is one of silence….


This Teacher Was Shockingly Arrested After Questioning Her Superintendent’s Raise

During a Jan. 8 meeting, Deyshia Hargrave asked members of the Vermilion Parish School District board why they planned to give the superintendent a raise. School Board President Anthony Fontana ruled her comments about the raise out of order.



Outrage Erupts Over Report That Mark Wahlberg Made Over 1,000 Times More Than Michelle Williams

Producer Judd Apatow called the story “so messed up that it is almost hard to believe. Almost.”

Celebrities are rushing to Michelle Williams’ defense following a report that Mark Wahlberg was paid over 1,000 times more than she was to reshoot scenes of “All The Money In The World.”

Sources told USA Today that Wahlberg earned $1.5 million for the reshoot while Williams only received an $80 per diem that amounted to less than $1,000.

Actress and activist Amber Tamblyn called the reported pay gap “totally unacceptable.” Producer Judd Apatow called the story “so messed up that it is almost hard to believe.” Jessica Chastain, who is currently starring in the Golden Globe-nominated “Molly’s Game,” said Williams is a “brilliant” actress who “deserves more.”….


School Homework Asks Kids To Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons For Slavery

“I feel there is no good reason for slavery,” one fourth-grader wrote.

A private Christian school in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is under fire after asking fourth-graders to lay out three “good” reasons for slavery as part of a homework assignment.

On Monday, the students at Our Redeemer Lutheran School were handed a social studies worksheet that told them to “give 3 ‘good’ reasons for slavery and 3 bad reasons.”

Trameka Brown-Berry, who has a 9-year-old son in the class, told Fox 6 that she was in “shock” over the “highly offensive and insensitive” assignment.

“I couldn’t believe they sent something like that home,” Brown-Berry said. “Not only was my son in an awful position, but the students who weren’t black ― that’s what keeps racism going.”….


Southern California Mudslides Leave At Least 17 Dead

Rescue crews continued to search the wreckage for trapped people. Authorities said 13 were still missing.

Two days after powerful mudslides swept through the Southern California community of Montecito, rescue crews continued to search the wreckage for missing people on Thursday.

The disaster left at least 17 people dead and 8 missing, Santa Barbara County officials said Thursday. At least 28 people have been injured in the mudslides, which have also destroyed 65 single-family homes and damaged 446 more in Santa Barbara County.

Thanks to more than 500 first responders and 10 search dogs working across the region, hundreds of people have been rescued, including 10 individuals who were found by the dogs.

“Right now, of the entire debris flow area, we have covered 75 percent with the primary search and 25 percent have had a secondary search,” Amber Anderson, public information officer with Santa Barbara Fire, told HuffPost.

But the areas are difficult to access, she added, with mud that is 10 feet deep in certain places….


Gunfire as millions in gems stolen in raid on Paris Ritz hotel

Thieves take off with jewellery believed to be worth £4.16m as they smashed display cases at a gallery in the world-famous hotel.

Armed robbers have raided the Ritz Hotel in Paris and stolen jewellery thought to be worth millions of pounds.

The axe-wielding thieves made off with the jewels after smashing glass display cases at the world-famous hotel in the French capital, police said.

Items worth “several million euros” were taken, a police source added, with robbers appearing to enter the hotel’s Reza Gallery through a side entrance.

The jewels are believed to be worth €4.7m (£4.16m).

Three suspects have been detained and at least two others are on the run, the source said.



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

At Least 15 Dead As Mud Slams Into Homes And Clogs Roads In Fire-Scorched California…Disney Admits To Darkening White Actors’ Skin For ‘Aladdin,’ Sparking Outrage(Matt 24-Many are offended)…NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sent Back Some Spectacular Shots Of Jupiter…Sex robots could be hacked to murder people…Twitter Users Call Out New York Times’ Chopsticks Photo For Cultural Insensitivity & more

Massive Destructive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean..



Kid crashes dad’s live interview on Al Jazeera..



At Least 15 Dead As Mud Slams Into Homes And Clogs Roads In Fire-Scorched California

At least three homes were wiped out by mudslides.

Heavy rain in Southern California has triggered mudslides and debris flow in parts of the state scarred by recent wildfires, leaving people trapped in homes and cars as highways were shut down in the dark early Tuesday morning.

At least 15 people are dead, Santa Barbara County officials said Wednesday. Authorities continue rescue operations and expect the number of casualties to increase. County fire department spokesperson Mike Eliason told HuffPost at least three homes in Santa Barbara County have been completely destroyed.

Conditions prompted an emergency response beginning around 2:30 a.m. Pacific time. In Montecito, a wealthy area near Santa Barbara, mudslides cut a gas line, sparking a fire that spread to multiple homes. Responders have been “delayed” in some areas due to waist-deep mud, along with downed trees and wires, Eliason said. Helicopters are being used because of road conditions.

“The only words I can really think of to describe what it looked [like] was it looked like a World War I battlefield,” Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said Tuesday. “It was literally a carpet of mud and debris everywhere.”….



Disney Admits To Darkening White Actors’ Skin For ‘Aladdin,’ Sparking Outrage

“Disney [is] sending out a message that your skin colour, your identity, your life experiences amount to nothing that can’t be powdered on and washed off.”

The latest news surrounding Disney’s upcoming live-action “Aladdin” movie is anything but magical.

The mass media company admitted to BBC Newsbeat that extras working on the movie’s set in Longcross, England, were darkened with makeup so they could “blend” into the scenes for the movie.

Extra Kaushal Odedra, who said he witnessed the practice himself and spoke to a number of outlets on the subject, told The Times that Disney’s actions speak volumes.

“Disney [is] sending out a message that your skin colour, your identity, your life experiences amount to nothing that can’t be powdered on and washed off,” he said.

Odedra noted that he saw around 20 “very fair-skinned” actors waiting in line to have their skin tanned, including a white actor he had recognized who was tanned to play a palace guard.

“I can understand it if it comes to stunt people and animal handling but I think they did have a choice,” Odedra told Newsbeat….


NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Sent Back Some Spectacular Shots Of Jupiter

“We are rewriting our ideas of how giant planets work.”

After orbiting Jupiter for a little more than a year and a half, NASA’s Juno spacecraft recently finished its 10th trip around the massive planet. Now the space agency is sharing some of the photos Juno snapped that were edited by citizen scientists….


Sex robots could be hacked to murder people

If you’ve been keeping up with technology news this year you’ll be aware that people are a bit concerned about artificial intelligence.

Elon Musk is convinced that it is going to kill everyone and a Google AI managed to create its own AI which was more powerful than any version a human has ever built.

Yeah, it isn’t looking good and we wouldn’t bet against Judgment Day from the Terminator movies happening anytime soon.

ust when you thought it was advanced computer systems and the military that were out to get us, it turns out that sex robots – the very machines designed to give us pleasure – could be about to kill us too.

Sex robots have been with us for quite a few years now and they have already attracted their fair share of warnings and controversy….


Twitter Users Call Out New York Times’ Chopsticks Photo For Cultural Insensitivity

The chopsticks were placed in a manner reserved for funerals.

Some Twitter users have a beef with the New York Times over the way it used chopsticks in a photo highlighting an “Asian-inspired” steak house.

On Tuesday, the newspaper reported on Jade Sixty, a yet-to-be opened restaurant featuring both New York-style steaks and traditional Asian menu items like won tons and soup dumplings.

A photo for the online edition attempted to showcase this mix, but did so in a very strange manner, mainly through the bizarre placement of chopsticks.


Rescue of kidnapped toddler caught on video

Dekalb County police released bodycam footage that shows the rescue of a kidnapped toddler near Atlanta.

See video at link:



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

Lost in space? Secret SpaceX Zuma satellite a total loss…Facebook Bug Could Have Revealed User Phone Numbers to Advertisers…Porn in parliament: 24,000 attempts at accessing sex sites over six months…At least 5 dead as heavy rains trigger flooding, mudflows and freeway closures across Southern California…Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California & more

Chinese trainee drops live grenade, saved by instructor (VIDEO)..

A PLA soldier accidentally dropped an armed grenade during training and was saved from certain death by the quick reactions of his instructor, a video released by Xinhua news agency shows.


Lost in space? Secret SpaceX Zuma satellite a total loss

The highly classified and expensive government satellite launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Cape Canaveral has reportedly been destroyed. However SpaceX has stated that from their side, the launch was successful.

Despite the launch being shrouded in secrecy, SpaceX seemed to have successfully carried a mysterious government satellite from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Sunday. SpaceX was able to land the booster’s first stage, while the second stage continued to carry the secretive Zuma payload to its destination in low-orbit.

SpaceX has now landed Falcon 9 boosters a total of 21 times. However, SpaceX never officially confirmed the success of the mission.

On Monday, lawmakers were informed that the mission was “a total loss” and the payload plummeted back into the atmosphere when it failed to detach from the rocket, sources told the Wall Street Journal.

Read more

 Falcon 9 rocket  lifts off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, 2015

While the details are unknown, reports said the payload failed to detach from the second stage properly. The Zuma satellite was attached to the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, which is designed to fall back to Earth and burn up in reentry.

Sources also told TechCrunch and Ars Technica that the payload fell back to Earth attached to the second stage of the Falcon 9.

SpaceX has denied that there was any technical failure on their part….


Facebook Bug Could Have Revealed User Phone Numbers to Advertisers

Facebook has announced that a system bug may have revealed users’ personal phone numbers to advertisers.

WIRED reports that a bug in Facebook’s ad-targeting tools allowed advertisers to gain Facebook users’ phone numbers from their email address and even allowed gave advertisers access to the phone numbers of users that visited a particular web page. The issue was reported by a group of researchers from the U.S., France, and Germany at the end of May. Facebook paid out a “bug bounty” of $5000 to the researchers at the time and implemented a fix for the bug on December 22.

Bugs and exploits on large websites aren’t uncommon by any means, but the issue with Facebook arises in that a bug on their website could reveal the personal information of millions of social media users. The advertising exploit is a particularly worrying issue as anyone can sign up to place ads on Facebook, which means that anyone could potentially gain access to Facebook’s user data. Alan Mislove, a professor at Northeastern and researcher on the team that discovered the advertising exploit stated, “There have been data brokers for years but typically to get access to that data you had to sign a contract with them. Facebook and Google are de facto data brokers — they don’t sell data but they are making that data available in indirect ways to a wide range of people.”….


Porn in parliament: 24,000 attempts at accessing sex sites over six months

Access to porn-streaming sites have been attempted by British parliament computers more than 24,000 times over a six-month period following the general election last year, new figures have shown.

Official data examined requests made between June and October 2017, revealing that 24,473 attempts were made to reach porn websites, amounting to 160 requests per-day from computers that were connected to the parliamentary network.

A Press Association (PA) freedom of information (FoI) request shows there were 9,467 requests from both the Houses of Lords and Commons in September alone.

There has been a dramatic drop off in the number of requests to porn sites, from 113,208 attempts in 2016, down from 213,020 the previous year. The reduction follows a year of sleaze allegations that have dogged Westminster.

Theresa May’s first Secretary of State Damien Green left his role after a retired-police officer accused him of having thousands of porn images on his desktop computer….


At least 5 dead as heavy rains trigger flooding, mudflows and freeway closures across Southern California

Heavy rains triggered freeway closures throughout the region Tuesday and unleashed mudflows in areas ravaged by wildfires last month, shutting down more than 30 miles of the 101 Freeway and leaving at least five people dead as rescue personnel scrambled through clogged roadways and downed trees, officials said.

At least five people had died in the Montecito area after a heavy band of rain struck around 2:30 a.m. causing “waist-high” mudflows, according to Mike Eliason, a public information officer for the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. The mudflows knocked three homes from their foundations and left fire personnel rushing to free people trapped in vehicles and homes, according to Eliason, who said a child was among those injured.

Additional details about the deaths were not immediately available.

Emergency crews in the area have also received numerous unconfirmed missing-person reports, Eliason said….


Iguanas in Florida Becoming Frozen, Falling From Trees During Cold Snap

It’s chilly enough to immobilize green iguanas common in Miami’s suburbs

It’s so cold in Florida that iguanas are falling from their perches in suburban trees.

The National Weather Service in Miami said temperatures dipped below 40 degrees Fahrenheit early Thursday in parts of South Florida. That’s chilly enough to immobilize green iguanas common in Miami’s suburbs.

Members of media outlets tweeted photos of the event, including an iguana lying belly-up next to one writer’s swimming pool….


Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California

So many people have fallen sick with influenza in California that pharmacies have run out of flu medicines, emergency rooms are packed, and the death toll is rising higher than in previous years.

Health officials said Friday that 27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October, compared with three at the same time last year. Nationwide and in California, flu activity spiked sharply in late December and continues to grow.

The emergency room at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica typically treats about 140 patients a day, but at least one day this week had more than 200 patients — mostly because of the flu, said the ER’s medical director, Dr. Wally Ghurabi….


Standing for Christ in an Age When Atheism Is Fashionable

We live in an age where many question Christianity. It somehow has become fashionable to be an atheist. The mainstream media constantly focus on negative news about Christians. Believers in God are told that they are old-fashioned, outdated and simply out of touch with reality. And many young people struggle, as they don’t quite know how to approach this fervent disdain.

This is why it is more important than ever to educate yourself on how to defend the faith, how to rationally and spiritually explain the Christian belief to those who, out of ignorance, think that belief in God belongs to the past. Read The Culture War: How the West Lost its Greatness and get the tools. Remember that atheism is a faith like any other, the belief in “nothing” and the assortment that “the universe is empty.” None of them ever went out there to check, so how do they know there is no God, angels or devils out there? They assume based on faith. Atheism is a religion, they strongly believe that “God is dead” and mankind is the only source of light, which is impossible to prove empirically….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

All prophecies the bible says will happen in end times are happening or almost completed at present

Washington state allows 3rd sex option ‘X’ on birth certificates…KILLER FLU EPIDEMIC: Aussie flu outbreak set to get WORSE as French epidemic infects the UK – prompting churches to ban handshakes…Iran rocked by ANOTHER earthquake measuring 5.1…Ocean floors sinking under weight of melting glaciers…Police chief arrested in undercover child sex sting…Wildfire-Scarred California Communities Must Now Brace For Floods & more

Texas woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria after raw oysters banquet..

A Texas woman died in October from a flesh-eating bacteria after she consumed raw oysters.

Jeanette LeBlanc was crabbing with her friends and family on the Louisiana coast in September when she contracted the infection, KLFY reported.

LeBlanc and her friend Karen Bowers picked up some raw oysters in a Westwego market for a treat. The two women ate about two dozen raw oysters each before LeBlanc became ill, Bowers said.

Bowers said her friend looked like she developed an allergic reaction….


Washington state allows 3rd sex option ‘X’ on birth certificates

Washington state will allow residents to change the sex on their birth certificates to a nonbinary option called “X.”

“Social norms are changing,” state registrar and Center for Health Statistics director Christie Spice told ABC News today. “When a person’s gender designation on their birth certificate doesn’t match how people present themselves, it opens the door to harassment and intimidation.”

The new rule, announced Thursday and effective Jan. 27, also removes the need for medical approval from a primary physician for adults who want to change the sex status on their birth certificate.


KILLER FLU EPIDEMIC: Aussie flu outbreak set to get WORSE as French epidemic infects the UK – prompting churches to ban handshakes

Dorchester and the City of London are now the only places with no reported cases of the flu virus that has struck down 1,500 people.

THE deadly “Aussie flu” outbreak could get worse, as a French epidemic of “exceptional magnitude” threatens to infect the UK.

The deadly H3N2 strain is feared to have spread to almost all parts of the UK, following a surge in flu cases over the weekend.

Dorchester in Dorset and the City of London were last night the only places where no one has yet reported an “influenza-like illness” – with churches even banning handshakes in an attempt to curb the spread of infection.

Some 4.5million people are thought to have been struck down by flu over the past week, according to online tool FluSurvey.


Iran rocked by ANOTHER earthquake measuring 5.1

IRAN has been hit by an earthquake measuring 5.1 today, injuring at least eight people.

The latest earthquake hit in the west of the Middle Eastern country in the same area that was starting to recover after more than 600 people were killed in the region in November.A number of aftershocks affected the area after the initial earthquake.

The earthquake hit Iran’s western province of Kermanshah.

The semiofficial ISNA news agency says the Kurdish town of Sarpol-e Zahab, about 520 kilometers west of Tehran, was near the epicentre of the quake….


Ocean floors sinking under weight of melting glaciers – study

New research shows our ocean floors are sinking under rising water levels across the globe. A team of scientists says the impact of warming seas has been underestimated and melting glaciers are putting severe pressure on capacity.

Redistribution of water, once stored in ice sheets, is causing sea levels to rise.

Researchers have now found the change is also having another affect – the ocean floor is subsiding under the increasing weight of the added water, according to a new study, published in the Geophysical Research Letters.

Led by Thomas Frederikse, of the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, the study explores the impact of what is known as elastic deformation.

“Due to changes in the land ice mass balance and land hydrology, the oceans have gained mass over the past decades, which results in an increase in the total load on the ocean bottom,” the study states.

“Under this increasing load, the ocean floor will subside due to elastic deformation.”….


Police chief arrested in undercover child sex sting

The online ad was pretty blunt: “Dominate [sic] male police officer seeks fun, discreet, sub playmate — m4w.”

Before long, that officer got a response from a purported 14-year-old girl. And the age didn’t dissuade him, authorities said.

“… everyone has to have a first time,” the officer responded, according to a criminal complaint. “… you will just have to get me naked tomorrow.”

But the officer sending those crude messages wasn’t just any cop — he was Michael William Diebold, the police chief of Leechburg, Pennsylvania, investigators say….


H&M Poses Black Child Model In ‘Monkey’ Sweatshirt, Faces Fury On Social Media

“This requires no second look to know it is wrong.”

H&M sparked outrage on social media over the weekened for posing a black child model in a sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle.”

New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow drew attention to the image on H&M e-commerce site in the U.K. in a tweet on Sunday night:


Climate Change Has Quadrupled Ocean ‘Dead Zones,’ Researchers Warn

Suffocating oceans could lead to ecosystem collapse, the study says.

The size of oxygen-starved ocean “dead zones,” where plants and animals struggle to survive, has increased fourfold around the world, according to a new scientific analysis.

The growth of the zones is yet another consequence of global warming — including increasing ocean temperatures — triggered by greenhouse gases and, closer to the coasts, contamination by agricultural runoff and sewage.


Declining Oxygen in the Global Ocean and Coastal Waters/Science
Our suffocating oceans: Red dots mark spots along coasts where oxygen has plummeted to 2 milligrams per liter or less. Blue areas mark varying levels of low oxygen in the open ocean.


“Rising nutrient loads coupled with climate change — each resulting from human activities — are changing ocean biogeochemistry and increasing oxygen consumption,” says the study published in the journal Science. Ultimately, such changes are “unsustainable and may result in ecosystem collapses, which ultimately will cause societal and economic harm.”….


Wildfire-Scarred California Communities Must Now Brace For Floods

The state can’t catch a break.

In a vicious cycle California knows too well, parts of the state scarred by recent wildfires now face an elevated risk of flash floods and debris flow.

The National Weather Service warned on Sunday that Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties ― where some of the worst wildfires in state history started last month ― should be prepared for “dangerous land and water flow” in the coming days as 3-to-5 inches of rain pound the region.

“If you live in the recent burn areas including the Thomas, Creek, and LaTuna burn areas, there is a high probability that debris flows will occur Monday night into Tuesday, when highest rainfall rates are expected,” the NWS said….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

Sea disappears again!…SNOWPLOWING with lawn mower and 50” TV box! (Video)…Inside Japan’s ‘suicide forest’…A U.S. Mountain Was Just The Second-Coldest Place On Earth… Explosion at subway in Stockholm…Sydney swelters with near-record high temperature…This fake news machine gears up for 2020…Shocking photographs show patients ‘forced to lie on the FLOOR with people stepping over them’ at a busy Yorkshire hospital amid winter NHS chaos & more

 And suddenly the sea disappeared! Major water receding in Santa Elena frightens fishermen in Ecuador..

After several months, the strange phenomenon of the ‘disappearing sea’ has been reported again by frightened fishermen in Santa Rosa, a small port located in the province of Santa Elena, Ecuador. Yes, the sea receded ‘a little more than normal‘, stranding at least 800 fishing boats on January 3, 2018 as well as two days before.

Although known as ‘Aguaje‘ or ‘Syzygy Tides‘ to fishermen in Ecuador, the intensity of the creepy natural phenomenon was unprecedented and unusually strong on January 3, 2018. The sea has returned now, but again more slowly than normally….


SNOWPLOWING with lawn mower and 50” TV box!

One man got creative by using a lawnmower and cardboard box to shovel snow off his Pennsylvania driveway.



Inside Japan’s ‘suicide forest’

The ‘suicide forest’

The Aokigahara forest, also called the Sea of Trees, sits right along the edge of Mount Fuji, roughly a two-hour drive west of Tokyo.
At the entrance of the forest, a sign reminds visitors that “life is a precious gift” from their parents.
“Quietly think once more about your parents, siblings or children,” the sign says in Japanese. “Please don’t suffer alone, and first reach out.”
A sign at the entrance of the Aokigahara forest urges suicidal visitors to reach out for help.

Aokigahara’s dark reputation has been around for decades. In a popular 1960 novel by Japanese author Seicho Matsumoto, a heroine heads into the forest to take her own life. More recently, in a 2016 American horror film, “The Forest,” a woman goes there looking for her twin sister, who mysteriously disappeared in the woods.
More than 100 people who were not from the area surrounding Aokigahara committed suicide there between 2013 and 2015, according to a local government report. Countrywide, suicides totaled roughly 24,000 people in 2015 alone, according to the country’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. These numbers do not include attempted suicides….


 A U.S. Mountain Was Just The Second-Coldest Place On Earth

“We basically just start saying it’s stupid cold outside,” one meteorologist said.

The temperature atop New Hampshire’s Mount Washington plummeted early Saturday to an astonishing minus 36 degrees Fahrenheit, making it one of the coldest places on the planet.

The summit was tied with the Canadian town of Armstrong, Ontario, as the second-coldest location on Earth, the Mount Washington Observatory said in a tweet.

With the wind whipping at more than 100 mph, the wind chill reached about 94 degrees below zero. It felt colder on the mountain than on the surface of Mars, where the temperature was minus 78 degrees, The Boston Globe noted.

google translate:

 Explosion at subway in Stockholm

It was a police patrol who was alarmed about the explosion just after 11 o’clock on Sunday morning. It occurred outdoors at Vårby farm’s subway in southwest Stockholm.

“The police patrol crashed after finding a man injured during the explosion,” confirms the police’s press informant in Stockholm, Sven-Erik Olsson, for GP.
Picked up items that exploded

Just over an hour after the alarm, the police had succeeded in stating that two people found an object on the ground at the subway. It is a man and a woman, the man is in the 60s and the woman at the age of 45, according to the police.

“You have picked up this item and then it has exploded and injured the man,” explains Sven-Erik Olsson….


Sydney swelters with near-record high temperature

Sydney endured its hottest temperature in nearly 80 years on Sunday, Australian meteorologists say.

The mercury rose to 47.3 degrees Celsius, or 117.14 Fahrenheit, in the Sydney metropolitan area.

The hottest temperature ever recorded in the area was 47.8 Celsius degrees (118.04 Fahrenheit) in 1939, the Bureau of Meteorology for the state of New South Wales (NSW) said.

The agency had predicted that temperatures would soar, tweeting: “Are we forecasting all time record high temperatures today? No, but it would not surprise if some stations go close.”….


Airstrikes kill 17 civilians in Syrian rebel-held area, rescuers say

At least 17 civilians in the Syrian enclave of Eastern Ghouta have been killed in a day of airstrikes, a rescue group and war monitor has said, as the government intensifies its aerial raids against the country’s last remaining rebel-held areas.

The White Helmets volunteer rescue group reported dozens of airstrikes in the area on Saturday, adding that four children were among the dead and 40 more were injured. It said government airstrikes, backed by Russian air power, had continued for nine days….



32 Missing As Tanker Collides With Cargo Ship In Fireball Off China

Most of the missing are Iranians, all from the tanker.

Search and rescue workers were plying the waters off the east coast of China Saturday in a desperate hunt for 32 missing sailors after an oil tanker collided with a cargo ship.

The Iranian tanker, Sanchi, flying under a Panamanian flag, was a wall of flames and thick black smoke as rescuers hunted for survivors 160 miles off the coast. The tanker was carrying about a million barrels of natural gas condensate, or light oil, Bloomberg reported.

All of the missing 32 men, which included 30 Iranians and two Bengalese, were from the tanker, reported the China Global Television Network. All 21 Chinese aboard the Hong Kong cargo ship were rescued, said the TV network.


This fake news machine gears up for 2020

There’s a whole industry dedicated to producing fake US news in Macedonia – and it’s gearing up for 2020


Shocking photographs show patients ‘forced to lie on the FLOOR with people stepping over them’ at a busy Yorkshire hospital amid winter NHS chaos

The shocking photos were taken on January 2 at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield
The 57-year-old woman passed them to Tracy Brabin, MP for Batley and Spen
She described conditions at Pinderfields’ A&E as ‘worse than prison’.

Patients are being forced to sleep on floors with people stepping over them at a busy hospital in West Yorkshire – as the NHS winter chaos gripping Britain continues to worsen.

In one photo a patient dressed only in a loose hospital gown lies next to a metal wheelchair. A second shows a man, attached to a drip, bedded down with his head resting on his rolled-up coat.
Shocking images taken at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield show members of the public being forced to sleep on floors
A woman, who has asked not to be named, described conditions as worse than prison and stressed people were being forced to sleep on floors at the hospital regularly….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present