Mysterious glimpse of the “Kingdom of Heaven” appears in the sky over China…9 Major Quakes Strike Ring Of Fire In 48 Hour; Fears Of BIG ONE coming to California…Measles cases hit record high in Europe…Car mows down pedestrians in Spain, two people arrested…The “neuropolitics” consultants who hack voters’ brains…Deadly floods hit the Indian state of Karnataka, tourists’ bookings canceled

(Videos)  A Glimpse Of The Celestial Kingdom..


Charges filed against teen accused of pushing friend off bridge..


Floods, landslides wreak havoc in Karnataka, Kodagu..


Deadly floods hit the Indian state of Karnataka, tourists’ bookings canceled..

At least 12 people have been killed and over 4 300 rescued in Karnataka’s district of Kodagu, on the border with Kerala, since August 15, 2018.

Heavy rains started affecting the region on August 14 and intensified on August 15, forcing authorities to issue heavy rainfall warning for the districts of Kodagu, Dakshina Kannada, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru and Shivamogga.

The worst affected is Kodagu, where a total of 845 houses have been damaged, out of which 773 partially. The storm also damaged 123 km (76 miles) of roads, 58 bridges, 278 government buildings and 3 800 electric poles, as of August 20….


9 Major Quakes Strike Ring Of Fire In 48 Hours…Fears Of BIG ONE coming to California

Sixty nine major earthquakes have hit Earth’s most active geological disaster zone in the space of just 48 hours.

Sixteen ‘significant’ tremors – those at magnitude 4.5 or above – shook the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ on Monday, following a spate of 53 that hit the region Sunday.

The quakes rattled Indonesia, Bolivia, Japan and Fiji, but failed to reach the western coast of the United States, which also falls along the infamous geological ring.

The tremors have raised concerns that California’s ‘Big One’ – a destructive earthquake of magnitude 8 or greater – may be looming.

Scientists have previously warned that Ring of Fire activity may trigger a domino effect that sets off earthquakes and volcanic eruptions elsewhere in the region.

California, which straddles the huge San Andreas Fault Line and sits on the eastern edge of the ring, is long overdue a deadly earthquake, researchers claim….


Measles cases hit record high in Europe

More than 41,000 people have been infected in the first six months of 2018, leading to 37 deaths.

Last year there were 23,927 cases and the year before 5,273. Experts blame this surge in infections on a drop in the number of people being vaccinated.

In England, there have been 807 cases so far this year. The WHO is calling on European countries to take action.

Public Health England say the outbreaks in England are largely due to people who have travelled to areas of mainland Europe that have had outbreaks.

Measles is highly infectious and spreads by droplets in coughs and sneezes.

The infection lasts seven to 10 days. But while most people recover completely, it can cause some serious complications….


Car mows down pedestrians in Spain, two people arrested

Two people are in police custody after a car ploughed into three pedestrians in Casetas, northwestern Spain. According to eyewitness accounts, the vehicle left the scene of the incident sparking panic.

The incident on Logrono Avenue in Spain’s Zaragoza province occured around 9.20am local time Monday when a vehicle mounted a pavement and hit people at a zebra crossing.

Three pedestrians, a 45-year-old man and a couple in their 60s, were injured in the incident, according to the local emergency services, which sent out a Twitter alert about the morning collision….


Mysterious glimpse of the “Kingdom of Heaven” appears in the sky over China

In recent years, strange appearances have been reported in the skies around the world. Yes, sometimes, ‘ghost towns’ appear in the sky. Witnesses remain baffled even for years… Some are even terrified by these spectacular sightings. But what are these strange shadows in the sky?

According to the scientists, these ghost cities that appear floating among the dense fog are mirages, or a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays bend to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.

In contrast to a hallucination, a mirage is a real optical phenomenon that can be captured on camera, since light rays are actually refracted to form the false image at the observer’s location. What the image appears to represent, however, is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind….


The “neuropolitics” consultants who hack voters’ brains

These experts say they can divine political preferences you can’t express from signals you don’t know you’re producing

Maria Pocovi slides her laptop over to me with the webcam switched on. My face stares back at me, overlaid with a grid of white lines that map the contours of my expression. Next to it is a shaded window that tracks six “core emotions”: happiness, surprise, disgust, fear, anger, and sadness. Each time my expression shifts, a measurement bar next to each emotion fluctuates, as if my feelings were an audio signal. After a few seconds, a bold green word flashes in the window: ANXIETY. When I look back at Pocovi, I get the sense she knows exactly what I’m thinking with one glance….

Petite with a welcoming smile, Pocovi, the founder of Emotion Research Lab in Valencia, Spain, is a global entrepreneur par excellence. When she comes to Silicon Valley, she doesn’t even rent an office—she just grabs a table here at the Plug and Play coworking space in Sunnyvale, California. But the technology she’s showing me is at the forefront of a quiet political revolution. Campaigns around the world are employing Emotion Research Lab and other marketers versed in neuroscience to penetrate voters’ unspoken feelings….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present

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