Exploding wildfires in US West derail holiday plans…Cerebral palsy didn’t stop this 9-year old girl from saving her baby brother from drowning …Rescuers start teaching trapped Thailand cave boys to swim and dive…2 Killed, 6 Hurt After Branch From 100-Year-Old Tree Falls on Crowd at Fireworks Show…Gang shootings, rapes and no-go zones? Government blamed as Sweden battles crime wave…While a HEAT WAVE scorches U.S. Midwest and East, SNOW falls in British Colombia and Arctic port needs ice breakers in July

(Videos) Firefighters battle Northern California wildfire..


Disney  has created amazing robot stunt doubles..


These dramatic rescues boost hope for boys trapped in water-logged Thailand cave..

Dramatic rescues from mines and caves should provide hope to families in Thailand awaiting word on the fate of a young soccer team trapped in a vast, watery cave.

The boys and their 25-year-old coach vanished almost two weeks ago after entering the cave before flooding caused by heavy rains blocked their exit. Divers found them Monday, hungry but safe. Now authorities are trying to determine how to get them out.

“The average person can’t imagine how difficult it would be,” said Robert Laird, co-founder of the U.S.-based International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery. “These kids are not diving just to go diving. They are in a life-or-death situation.”

There have been many rescues around the globe over the years. Here are some of the most dramatic:….



2 Killed, 6 Hurt After Branch From 100-Year-Old Tree Falls on Crowd at Fireworks Show

A western Illinois sheriff says the branch that fell on spectators during a fireworks display, killing two, measured more than 8-feet around at its base and was about 45 feet long.

Rock Island County Sheriff Gerald Bustos said Wednesday the branch fell from an oak tree that’s believed to be about 100 years old. It fell about 25 feet (8 meters) during a Tuesday night event outside the courthouse in Rock Island….



Cerebral palsy didn’t stop this 9-year-old girl from saving her baby brother from drowning

Lexie Comeau-Drisdelle can’t walk or talk, but she saved her baby brother from drowning, earning her hero status in her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This small but mighty hero was ready to celebrate her ninth birthday with family and friends, including her 1-year-old brother, Leeland.
With the rest of the family caught up in getting ready for the party and not paying attention to him, Leeland decided to take a walk to the backyard and jump into the pool.
But Lexie, who always keeps her eyes on her little brother, saw the potential tragedy unfold.
 Lexie has cerebral palsy, a disorder of movement, muscle tone or posture that is caused by damage that happens during the development of the brain. That means she isn’t able to speak and couldn’t run after her brother, but she knew she had to alert others to help him….



Gang shootings, rapes and no-go zones? Government blamed as Sweden battles crime wave

Swedish authorities held an emergency meeting this week to discuss the recent spate of gang shootings that have plagued Sweden’s cities and made crime a major issue ahead of elections in September.

The centre-left government in Stockholm has been facing a backlash over the recent crime wave — and the elephant in the room is migration.

1. Gang violence on the rise

A record-high number of people (43) were killed in shootings in Sweden in 2017 — up massively from just eight in 2006. Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson acknowledged to news agency TT that there had been “a lot of shootings and deaths in a short time.”….



Rescuers start teaching trapped Thailand cave boys to swim and dive

Rescue workers assisted by Thai navy SEALs started teaching some members of a young soccer team and their coach how to swim and dive Wednesday, nearly two weeks after they became trapped in a cave in northern Thailand.

The boys, ages 11-16, and their 25-year-old coach, have been stranded deep inside the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Thailand’s Chiang Rai province for 12 days. They disappeared when they went exploring after a soccer game June 23 and were found by rescue divers late Monday.

But risky conditions including volatile water levels, challenging terrain and heavy rains forecast for the weekend have complicated plans to safely extract them.

Some of the boys do not know how to swim and flooding in the caves means the boys would likely have to dive to be able to escape, which rescue experts say could be extremely dangerous, especially for people with no experience with scuba gear. …



Exploding wildfires in US West derail holiday plans

A growing swath of wildfires in western United States threatens to damper holiday plans as park rangers and fire officials across the region have greatly curtailed accessibility to National Parks and campgrounds ahead of the Independence Day holiday.

In the Colorado mountains, a wildfire destroyed more than 100 homes, while blazes across the parched U.S. West kept hundreds of other homes under evacuation orders. Late Monday, a fire near Fort Garland, about 205 miles southwest of Denver, had destroyed 104 homes in a mountain housing development.

The so-called Spring Creek fire is one of six large wildfires burning in Colorado. While investigators believe it was started by a spark from a fire pit, other fires were started by lightning….



While a HEAT WAVE scorches U.S. Midwest and East, SNOW falls in British Colombia and Arctic port needs icebrakers in July

A blistering heat wave will sweep the U.S. Midwest and East on Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures and humidity levels are expected to reach well above normal. Tens of millions of Americans will be under heat warnings, watches and advisories as temperatures reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) in major cities such as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Cities across the region, from the Mississippi River to the East Coast, have set up cooling centers to keep people out of the dangerous heat. The hot weather is especially dangerous for young children, elderly people and people with health problems….






All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present



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