Update: Destructive 7.3 earthquake hits Iran, Iraq border-340 killed, nearly 4,000 injured(CNN)-Live updates



When we SEE All these things..

Matthew 24 – earthquakes in diverse place..


  • 13 November 2017

    08:55 GMT

    Iran now says that 328 have died in the earthquake, local news agencies and state TV report, citing the National Disaster Management Organization.

  • 06:52 GMT

    New data provided by Tasnim now indicates that at least 211 people have been killed and over 2,500 injured in the earthquake in Iran, according to officials from Kermanshah province.

  • 05:24 GMT

    The death toll from the quake in Iran has risen to 164, with over 1,600 injured, Tasnim News Agency reports, citing Behnam Saeedi, a spokesman from the Iranian Disaster Management Organization.

  • 04:29 GMT

    People in quake-affected areas must refrain from entering damaged buildings, Iranian authorities have warned….




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