FCC Commissioner Slams Trump’s Tweet Threatening NBC(Video)…Can you stop your mobile getting hacked?…School District Bans “To Kill a Mockingbird”(Matt 24 – Many are offended)…Misery in Puerto Rico: No power, no job, ‘enormous’ lines…This Sheriff Wants To Keep ‘Good’ Prisoners In Jail & more

Every Wi-Fi network at risk of unprecedented ‘Krack’ hacking attack..

Every Wi-Fi connection is potentially vulnerable to an unprecedented security flaw that allows hackers to snoop on internet traffic, researchers have revealed.

The vulnerability is the first to be found in the modern encryption techniques that have been used to secure Wi-Fi networks for the last 14 years.

In theory, it allows an attacker within range of a Wi-Fi network to inject computer viruses into internet networks, and read communications like passwords, credit card numbers and photos sent over the internet.

The so-called “Krack” attack has been described as a “fundamental flaw” in wireless security techniques by experts. Apple, Android and Windows software are all susceptible to some version of the vulnerability, which is not fixed by changing Wi-Fi passwords.

“It seems to affect all Wi-Fi networks, it’s a fundamental flaw in the underlying protocol, even if you’ve done everything right [your security] is broken,” said Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey’s Centre for Cyber Security….



Can you stop your mobile getting hacked?

Samsung’s Nick Dawson says mobile users need to be aware of the threats facing their devices

More than 43 million smartphones are predicted to be in use in the UK by the year’s end, performing integral roles in our work and home lives, and privy to an unfathomably large library of sensitive information. Together, they represent a treasure trove for criminals. But a few simple steps are all it takes to keep the majority of this information safe and secure.

Nick Dawson, strategy director for Samsung Knox – the mobile phone developer’s next-generation security platform – says there are myriad ways to attack a business across any device and at any level, but one of the simplest and most common is to trick somebody into clicking a malicious link….



School District Bans “To Kill a Mockingbird”

The Biloxi, Mississippi school district has banned the American classic To Kill a Mockingbird after receiving complaints from parents due its racist language.

“There were complaints about it. There is some language in the book that makes people uncomfortable, and we can teach the same lesson with other books,” said vice president of the Biloxi School Board, Kenny Holloway. Adding, “It’s still in our library. But they’re going to use another book in the 8th grade course.”….



Woman survives massacre, returns to burned home(Video at link)

One woman has an unusual survival story — she survived the Las Vegas mass shooting and returned home only to have her home burned down by California wildfires. (video at link)




Misery in Puerto Rico: No power, no job, ‘enormous’ lines

Leslie Cofresi started to cry when he saw his staff the day after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

With no electricity or running water in their own homes, all 25 employees came to help clean up the bar, La Factoria, which was recently named one of the world’s 50 best bars.

Located in Old San Juan, La Factoria is also where the music video for the mega hit song “Despacito” was filmed.

But nearly a month after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico’s most famous bar is hanging on by a thread. It was closed for two weeks and crowds have been extremely thin since it recently reopened.

If Cofresi, the co-owner, can’t get electricity back on soon, he knows he can’t keep all his employees or even convince them to stay on the island….



FCC Commissioner Slams Trump’s Tweet Threatening NBC: ‘We Have to Honor the First Amendment’



This Sheriff Wants To Keep ‘Good’ Prisoners In Jail

Video has emerged of a Louisiana sheriff bemoaning plans to release non-violent criminals early because they wash his car for free.



Restaurant Manager Accused Of Enslaving Mentally Disabled Cook

He allegedly attacked his victim with tongs dipped in a hot grease fryer.

A restaurant manager in Conway, South Carolina, has been indicted in federal court for allegedly forcing a mentally disabled man to work as a buffet cook under appalling conditions.

Bobby Paul Edwards, 52, was indicted on Wednesday on one count of forced labor. A U.S. Department of Justice release alleges that he used force, threats of force, physical restraint and coercion on the victim between 2010 and 2014….



All the prophecies the bible said will happen in end times, are happening or almost complete at present




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